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Unusual Couriers

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Unusual Unusual Fearless War Dog with the Ethereal Flames effect Unusual is a quality for equipment that has a special particle effect. Couriers are the only type of equipment that can be Unusual, and can only dota2 couriers are found from some Treasures   Treasures   Changelogs     Treasures are purchasable boxes that contain cosmetic items. They are obtained through the Dota 2 Store, charms, or the item drop system. Each treasure can be opened once to dota2 at roughly 1-2% chance. They come with a special effect granted by an Ethereal Gem Ethereal Gem Gem / Rune Rarity: Mythical Buy Now on Market This gem will add a new Ethereal particle effect to the item it is socketed in but can only be socketed in Unusual couriers. dota2 and a Prismatic Gem Prismatic Gem Rarity: MythicalSlot: N/A Buy Now on Market This gem will change the color of the Ethereal effects on the item it is socketed in. Created By Released14 Nov 2013 OriginYes Prismatic Gems change dota2 . Their effects can be customized by applying different Ethereal and Prismatic gems.