Hunter's Mark

How to get

Hunter`s Mark x 2 are a reward for raising a hunter to level 6.

Golden Golden cards often add movement and visual effects, like with this golden Piloted Shredder "Golden" redirects here. For information on golden heroes, see Golden heroes. Golden cards are special, rarer versions of cards. Each card hearthstone Hunter`s Mark is a reward for raising a hunter The  Hunter is one of the nine classes in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, represented by Rexxar and Alleria Windrunner. Contents 1 Heroes 2 Background 3 Hero Power 4 Strategy and gameplay 5 Counters 5.1 Secrets hearthstone to levels Each hero s level is displayed on the bottom-left of their portrait. The coloured bar shows their current experience. A video explaining levels in Hearthstone made by the Curse Gamepedia @@@#@@@YouTube( Channel. A level is a hearthstone 40 and 42.

Hunter`s Mark is uncraftable The uncraftable quality Uncraftable (previously called soulbound) is a card quality found on certain cards. Uncraftable cards cannot be crafted or disenchanted. Uncraftable quality is mostly determined by card set, and in some cases differs hearthstone and cannot be crafted Crafting mode, in Standard format mode The crafting system is an element of Hearthstone that allows players to directly create new cards. It can be accessed through the My Collection screen. Crafting consumes Arcane Dust hearthstone or disenchanted.


The main use of Hunter`s Mark is to use it as a type of indirect removal spell. By using it on an opponent`s minion with a lot of health, you weaken it tremendously so that any other attack, even a from a Boar or Snake, can easily take it out.

Using it on certain minions can be advantageous for different reasons:

  • Lightspawn - A Hunter`s Mark used on a Lightspawn will set both its attack and health to 1.
  • Imp Master - Because the Imp Master loses 1 health at the end of every turn to summon an Imp, using a Hunter`s Mark soon after it is summoned will take away a lot of its effectiveness.
  • Any minion that has Enrage - Enraged minions only get the bonus effect when the minion is damaged. If Hunter`s Mark is used on any minion with enrage, its maximum health is now 1, and so it cannot gain its enrage effects, and will lose any that it had.

The effect from this card can be removed by Silence.


Name Rarity Class Type Subtype Cost Atk HP Effect




Useful when used with any card that can deal 1 damage to a target (like Elven Archer Elven Archer Set: Basic Type: Minion Cost: 1 Attack: 1 Health: 1 Abilities: Battlecry, Deal damage Battlecry: Deal 1 damage.Don t bother asking her out on a date. She ll shoot you down.See this card on Hearthpwn hearthstone ). Best used on high health enemy minions to maximize the effectiveness of the card. Also, because it sets a minion`s maximum and current health both to 1 (leaving the minion effectively undamaged), Hunter`s Mark removes Enrage An Enraged minion Enrage is a minion ability where the stated effect becomes active only when the minion is damaged. If the minion is healed back to full Health, the Enrage effect will be cancelled. hearthstone effects from damaged minions.


Hunter`s Mark, full art