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"Trump is the ringmaster of the circus of value." - TotalBiscuit

Jeffrey "Trump" Shih is a noted streamer and professional player of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.


Trump`s icon from the Innkeeper`s Invitational 2013

On Oct. 13th 2013, shortly after the beginning of the game`s beta The Hearthstone beta was the beta test phase in the development of Hearthstone, following the alpha test. The beta test began in its closed phase in the Americas region on Aug. 16th 2013, and in hearthstone , Team Razer announced that Trump had agreed to join their professional e-sports team, making Trump the world`s first professional Hearthstone player.

Trump was one of 8 players invited by Blizzard to participate in the 2013 Hearthstone Innkeeper`s Invitational The Innkeeper s Invitational edit] League information Organizer: Blizzard Entertainment Event type: Offline Start date: 2013-11-8 End date: 2013-11-9 Links: Website Share this page Tweet The Innkeeper s Invitational is a professional Hearthstone tournament hosted by Blizzard as part of hearthstone at Blizzcon. After defeating Husky Category:{{{location}}}]] Mike Lamond help] edit] Team Information Youtube: HuskyStarcraft Facebook: Twitter: huskystarcraft Share this Page Tweet Mike Lamond, better known as "Husky" or "HuskyStarcraft" is a noted player of Starcraft II, League of Legends hearthstone 3-0, Trump was defeated in the semi-finals, losing 1-3 to Artosis Category:{{{location}}}]] Dan Stemkoski help] edit] Team Information Youtube: ArtosisTV Facebook: Twitter: Artosis Share this Page Tweet Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski is an e-sports commentator and noted player of Starcraft II and Hearthstone. Contents 1 Career hearthstone .

As of Jul. 2014, Trump has recently joined the newly formed Hearthstone roster of the popular League of Legends Professional Sports team, TSM (Team SoloMid).



Trump was recognised in the 2013 Blizzard Stream Awards. He received the following awards. The full results can be found here.

  • 1st place - Most Educational Stream
  • 2nd place - Favourite Hearthstone Stream
  • Runner up - Highest Stream Viewer Average
  • Runner up - Most Popular Non-English Streamer


  • Nov 09 | Trump @ Blizzcon "I average 7 wins in arena" by HotBid of Team Liquid
  • Oct 29 | Innkeeper`s Invitational Player Spotlight by Blizzard




Trump is a native of California`s Bay Area who is a popular StarCraft II streamer often featured on Team Liquid and has attended LAN events in the San Francisco and Oakland areas as a player and caster, but he is arguably even more well known currently as a Hearthstone streamer and pro gamer.

In Beta

He was one of the players invited to compete at the Innkeeper`s Invitational at BlizzCon, where he defeated StarCraft colleague Husky in the quarterfinals before losing to another StarCraft colleague - eventual champion Artosis - in the semifinals. Since then, he has also been on Fight Night as part of Team LiquidValue. He participated in SeatStory Cup, where he defeated Ek0p, Monk and Artosis before losing to Gnimsh twice and finishing in third place. He became known for playing free to play decks, having reached legend with a free to play mage , shaman, warlock and priest .


Trump has since reached legend with a free to play Shaman deck and Warlock deck.Citation needed


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2017-01-29 A33 - 4th A2Major ONOG PAX South Major 2017 0₠:₠3 ₠Leadpaint $700
2016-07-21 A11st A7Showm. Battleriff Showmatch Trump vs Amaz 3₠:₠2 ₠Amaz $1,000
2016-02-19 A55 - 8th A1Premier The Curse Trials 0₠:₠3 ₠SuperJJ $1,250
2015-10-11 A77 - 8th A1Premier 2015 HWC - Americas Championship 2₠:₠3 ₠Coreia $1,250
2015-08-30 A33 - 4th A1Premier ONOG Summer Circuit Finals 1₠:₠4 ₠tom60229 $3,000
2015-07-17 A11st A1Premier Vulcun Deckmasters 5₠:₠1 ₠Cipher $16,000
2015-07-05 A11st A2Major HTC Recharged 3₠:₠1 ₠nugoory $2,500
2015-06-07 A55 - 8th A1Premier ESL Hearthstone Legendary Series -Season 2 Finals 2₠:₠3 ₠Kitkatz $1,000
2014-10-19 A55 - 8th A1Premier SeatStory Cup II 3₠:₠4 ₠Theude $500
2014-03-09 A33rd A2Major SeatStory Cup I 2₠:₠4 ₠Gnimsh $2,000
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  • Has a degree in finance from New York University.
  • As a StarCraft player, he is a former Terran player who played for Vega Squadron.


  • 2014-12-28₠|₠Trump: Mech-Aggro decks are pretty scary₠by₠SyscoLW₠of₠
  • 2014-11-23₠|₠What do Hearthstone pros think of Goblins vs Gnomes?₠by₠Cam Shea₠of₠IGN
  • 2014-11-09₠|₠How to Become an Arena Legend (Panel) - Trump & Hafu₠by₠Mike Donais₠of₠Blizzard₠at₠BlizzCon World Championships


  • 2013-11-09₠|₠Trump: "I average 7 wins in Arena"₠by₠HotBid₠of₠Team Liquid₠at₠Innkeeper`s Invitational

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