Epic Series Hearthstone

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TotalBiscuit (TotalBiscuit) Hearthstone

"Don t give him a sword, he s a greater fire elemental, what does he need a sword for?" -TotalBiscuit, when a Master Swordsmith buffs a Ragnaros. John Bain, better known as TotalBiscuit (TB) or The Cynical
Micky Neilson (Micky Neilson) Hearthstone

Micky Neilson is former Lead Writer in Publishing at Blizzard, and Story Lead on Hearthstone. He left the company on March 25, 2016. 1] Having joined Blizzard in 1993, Neilson worked on a range of
Designer Insights (Designer Insights) Hearthstone

Designer Insights (sometimes called Developer Insights) is an occasional series of live or prerecorded videos released by members of the Team 5 Hearthstone design team, primarily featuring Game Director Ben Brode. Designer Insights videos offer
Return of the Hero (Return of the Hero) Hearthstone

"There are three challengers who have been waiting for you!" - the innkeeper Return of the Hero is a series of special matches featured as part of the returning player experience, designed to help players
History (History) Hearthstone

The history (sometimes referred to as the combat log) is located on the left side of the battlefield. It comprises a series of small images representing the most recent actions taken by players during the
Piranha Launcher (Piranha Launcher) Hearthstone

Piranha Launcher Set: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Type: Weapon Class: Hunter Rarity: Epic Cost: 5 Attack: 2 Durability: 4 Abilities: Summon Tags: Beast-generating, Triggered effect Whenever your hero attacks, summon a 1/1 Piranha.A great improvement
Lance Henriksen (Lance Henriksen) Hearthstone

Lance Henriksen is the voice actor for the cards listed here. He is a veteran of both on-screen and voice performance, widely recognized for his role as Bishop in the Alien film series. Cards External
Returning player experience (Returning player experience) Hearthstone

Looks like someone missed you The returning player experience is a series of special quests and encounters designed to help players who have been away from Hearthstone return to the game. The experience appears to
Festering Pestilence (Festering Pestilence) Hearthstone

Festering Pestilence Set: Cheat Type: Minion Rarity: Epic Debug textSee this card on Hearthpwn data page] Festering Pestilence is or was a debug card. 1] It is not available to players. Patch changes edit |
Placeholder Card (Placeholder Card) Hearthstone

Placeholder Card Set: Cheat Type: Minion Class: Mage Rarity: Epic Cost: 9 Attack: 6 Health: 8 Battlecry: Someone remembers to publish this card.See this card on Hearthpwn data page] Placeholder Card appears to be a