Music Disc




    Music discs were added back in the Alpha development of Minecraft. In Beta 1.8, more music discs were added. They can be inserted into a Jukebox to play special tracks. When inserted into a jukebox, the music for all players within the immediate area will change to that of the disc. The music gradually fades as the player moves farther away from the jukebox. At a distance of about 75 blocks from a jukebox, music can no longer be heard.


    Two different discs can be found randomly in naturally spawned Chests in Dungeons; other Music Discs are obtained by having a Skeleton kill a Creeper. Also, all Music Discs can be found in Chests located in the tutorial world of the PS3 Edition and the Xbox 360 Edition, accompanied by pieces of Enchanted₠Iron Armor, a Jukebox, an enchanted₠Bow₠and some Arrows₠in some of the various Chests.

    List of Music Discs⃂₠and Data Values

    Music Disc Dec Hex Data Value
    Cat 2257 8D1 record_cat
    Blocks 2258 8D2 record_blocks
    Far 2260 8D4 record_far
    Strad 2264 8D8 record_strad
    Mellohi 2262 8D6 record_mellohi
    Ward 2265 8D9 record_ward
    Chirp 2259 8D3 record_chirp
    11 2266 8DA record_11
    13 2256 8D0 record_13
    Stal 2263 8D7 record_stal
    Mall 2261 8D5 record_mall
    Wait (Where Are We Now) 2267 8DB record_wait


    • It is possible to replace the data of Cat and 13 with custom music.
    • The song "Where are we now" file still exists in the Minecraft folder. The reason it didn`t make it was because of the spaces used in the title. However, it has been released on the Xbox edition of Minecraft, and has been released in Minecraft 1.4.4 under the name Wait. It appears as a blue disk.
    • The music disc "Ward" is actually music from the game Fez.
    • When ran through a spectrogram, music disc 11 produces some pictures at the end. It shows the face of the default player skin (some say it is the face of Herobrine), and the numbers 1, 2, 4, 1, and 8.
      • The hexadecimal of the first two numbers, 1 and 2, is C. So if 12 is C, then the group of numbers is the signature of the music composer for Minecraft, C418.
      • It is unknown why Disc 11`s texture is a broken disc.