• Its Sentry mode used to be armed with a front-facing shield and Bastion had a rotation limit of 60 degrees in frontal cone.
  • The Eichenwalde map contains multiple Bastion, dead, the aftermath of Eichenwalde battle as seen in The Last Bastion short.
  • The units at the Eichenwalde map are labeld B73, and where Bastion`s hand and repair would be is another recon gun.
  • While other omnics such as Zenyatta and Orisa have been shown to identify as male or female, Bastion is so far the only one confirmed to be genderless and is referred to with `it` pronouns in official material.


Repair protocols and the ability to transform between stationary Assault, mobile Recon and devastating Tank configurations provide Bastion with a high probability of victory.




Once a frontline combatant in the devastating Omnic Crisis For the graphic novel of the same name, see Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis Omnic Crisis Type Global human-omnic conflict Location Global Outcome Human victory The Omnic Crisis was a rebellion by the omnics against their overwatch , Bastion has all but lost its combat programming and now explores its surroundings, fascinated by the world and its inhabitants.

Though Bastion`s new nature is gentle, its core combat programming takes over when the unit senses danger, utilizing its entire arsenal to eliminate anything it perceives as a threat. This has led to instances of conflict with the few humans it has encountered, and it tries to avoid populated areas in favor of the wild, uncharted regions of the world.



Passive Ability

Icon Stats Official Description

Dmg. reduction

Reduces damage taken while transformed.


  • Applies to Sentry and Tank configurations.
  • This passive only works after Bastion has finished transformation.

Configuration: Recon

Combat Mode

Icon Stats Official Description

Rapid Fire Hitscan
6 - 20
Falloff range
26 to 50 meters
Movement speed
5.5 meters per second
Rate of fire
8 rounds per second
Reload time
2 seconds

In Recon mode, Bastion is fully mobile, outfitted with a submachine gun that fires steady bursts of bullets at medium range.


  • Bastion must be fully transformed before the effects come into play.
  • This ability used to be named Configuration: Assault.


Configuration: Sentry

Combat Mode

Icon Stats Official Description

Rapid Fire Hitscan
4 - 15
Falloff range
35 to 55 meters
Movement speed
Rate of fire
35 rounds per second
Reload time
2 seconds

In Sentry mode, Bastion is a stationary powerhouse equipped with a gatling gun capable of unleashing a hail of bullets. The gun`s aim can be "walked" across multiple targets, dealing devastating damage at short to medium range.


  • While in Configuration: Sentry, Bastion does not have a visible head, but exposes a glowing blue cube on its back that can be hit for headshot damage.
  • This ability used to be named Configuration: Siege.


Reconfigure Bastion Real Name SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54 Age 30 Occupation Battle automaton Base Black Forest, Germany (formerly) Affiliation None Voice Chris Metzen 1] Cosmetics Cosmetic page Quotes Quotation page Role Defense Health 200 Armor overwatch


Icon Stats Official Description

Casting time
1 seconds (into Sentry)
0.5 seconds (into Recon)

Bastion transforms between its two primary combat modes to adapt to battlefield conditions.


  • Bastion can use reconfigure while in the air.
  • After 2 second passed, Reconfigure will reloads Bastion`s weapons.


"1 seconds (into Sentry)
0.5 seconds (into Recon)" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.



Icon Stats Official Description

75 health per second
Casting time
0.5 second delay
Up to 4 seconds
1 second
7 seconds recharging

Bastion restores its health.


  • Bastion can`t heal itself when the charge is below than 20%


Configuration: Tank

Ultimate Ability

Icon Stats Official Description
Achievement Charge!.png

Linear Projectile
205 (direct hit)
35 (self-damage)
Projectile speed
44 meters per second
Area of effect
4 meter radius
Rate of fire
1.11 rounds per second
Casting time
1.5 seconds
8 seconds
Charge required
2075 points

In Tank mode, Bastion extends wheeled treads and a powerful long-range cannon. The cannon’s explosive shells demolish targets in a wide blast radius, but Bastion can only remain in this mode for a limited time.





Real Name
SST Laboratories SST Laboratories is a company that existed prior to the Omnic Crisis. It was responsible for the manufacture of Bastion combat units. 1] References edit | edit source] ↑ Bastion s story page, Blizzard Entertainment. Accessed Siege Automaton E54
Battle automaton
Black Forest, Germany Germany Location Western Europe Terrain Forest, countryside Germany is a country in western Europe. The country was a battlefield during the Omnic Crisis. The German military and the Crusaders successfully repelled an omnic attack on (formerly)
Chris Metzen "I hope that people love it; but I almost don’t care if it makes me feel alive after twenty years of doing this work. I love this thing, I love that it wears its heart overwatch
Cosmetic page Contents 1 Gallery description 2 Skins 2.1 Skin descriptions 3 Victory Poses 4 Emotes 5 Sprays 6 Highlight Intros 7 Trivia Gallery description edit | edit source] Once a frontline combatant in the Omnic Crisis, overwatch
Quotation page This article is a stub. You can help Overwatch Wiki by expanding it. Contents 1 Abilities 2 Chatter 3 Call-Outs 4 Communication 5 Voice Lines 6 Interactions 7 Trivia Abilities edit | edit source] Ability Quote overwatch
Defense Each hero fills a different role in Overwatch. Roles in Overwatch are loosely defined, and heroes can fulfill a role not designated for them. Roles, as they exist, are designed to help players identify which overwatch
Character Video

Bastion is a Defense Each hero fills a different role in Overwatch. Roles in Overwatch are loosely defined, and heroes can fulfill a role not designated for them. Roles, as they exist, are designed to help players identify which overwatch hero See playable characters. For the animated short, see Hero. All of the heroes, as of 2015 There are currently 24 playable hero characters in Overwatch. Each fits into one of four roles overwatch in Overwatch See the game. For the titular organization, see Overwatch (group). Overwatch Developer Blizzard Entertainment Team 4 1] Publisher Blizzard Entertainment Release date May 24, 2016 Platforms Xbox One, Playstation 4, Windowsis a separate viewing area on a computer display screen in a system that allows multiple viewing areas as part of a graphical user interface Overwatch overwatch .


Bastion is a hero with two main forms. Its default form is a mobile bipedal form with a sub-machine gun, while the second being a completely immobile turret form. Both of these perform in unique ways, and must be utilized to their fullest. The most notable part of Bastion`s kit is Reconfigure, which turns it into a stationary turret gun. This turret has some of the highest damage output in the game, being able to shred through shields and heroes alike, but it can`t deal a critical shot. In tank form, while losing some damage output, it gets more crowd control ability, as the explosion of the shells fired are very large and dangerous to all enemies. Be that as it may, Configuration: Sentry poses two major weaknesses to Bastion. The first is immobility, which causes Bastion to become an easy target to focus fire on. The second is a weak point that appears on its back in turret configuration. Faster heroes can easily get behind Bastion and kill it quickly with this weak point. Even though it has reasonable health and is able to repair itself in any situation, the healing ability has limits and its large frame makes it an easy target. Bastion is also relatively slow, making it easy to be outflanked by enemies.

Official tips

  • Bastion defends a wide area by reconfiguring into a deadly, immobile turret.
  • While in Sentry configuration, Bastion has a weak spot on its back (glowing blue cube). Successful hits on it will do double damage.
  • The tank configuration gives Bastion mobility, and a huge cannon.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Ironclad: Bastion`s passive ability. It takes 20% reduction damage while in Sentry and Tank configuration.
    • Ironclad will take the lead in reducing all incoming damage before the armor reduces the remained outcome.
    • Bastion has to finish the transformation to get this passive ability. As it will still receive normal damage while transforming, try not to use it as an instant defensive against heavy damage.
  • Configuration: Recon: Bastion`s primary form. The primary form of Bastion featuresSpecial attraction a submachine-gun attached to its right arm as its weapon. The weapon fires hitscan bullets with high accuracy.
    • While the main role of this form is to find a spot to transform into Sentry, the weapon itself deals a good amount of damage; per shot, the damage is the same as Soldier: 76`s Pulse Rifle, but with slightly lower range and fire rate, but smaller spread. It can kite a sniper or airborne target while keeping itself moving rather than being a stationary turret, easy to be shot down.
    • In the case of engaging a mobile enemy, fighting with this mode is recommended over transforming into Sentry, as it can deal a critical shot while the another cannot. Defensively, it also has a higher chance to disengage if the fight isn`t in its favor rather than being stuck in an immobile form, and it does not have a weak spot on its back while in Recon, which is easy for mobile enemies to target otherwise.
  • Configuration: Sentry: Bastion`s secondary form. After finishing the transformation, It will become a stationary turret equipped with a gatling gun capable of unleashing a hail of bullets. Bastion`s weak point will be changed from its head to its back, which is opposite to the targeted point of view. The downside of this form is it becomes an immobile target and unable to deal a critical shot.
    • Sentry form works best on a fixed area where the enemy is likely to be in; such as choke point, enclosed spaces or a doorway.
    • Bastion will not receive any knockback from enemy attacks, like Roadhog`s Whole Hog or Lℂ⅟cio`s Soundwave.
    • Although Bastion has Ironclad and Self-Repair to help it withstand attacks, without a Barrier from an ally such as Reinhardt or Orisa, it can easily become a sitting duck as it draws enemy fire due to being a high-damage stationary target.
    • Be careful for flankers. Some heroes like Tracer or Genji can get behind Bastion and easily dispatch it.
    • While Sentry form has large spreading and damage falloff at very long range, it can still be useful to force the enemy to move in other ways. Keep in mind that the large spreading means it is less effective against far-away snipers.
    • Take advantage of being on high ground for this form. It can minimize enemy fire received and become a harder target to counterattack even though it can`t move.
    • Some abilities can force Bastion to change itself back to Recon form, such as Reinhardt`s Charge or Earth Shatter, Sombra`s Hack or EMP, Ana`s Sleep Dart and Roadhog`s Hook.
  • Reconfigure Bastion Real Name SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54 Age 30 Occupation Battle automaton Base Black Forest, Germany (formerly) Affiliation None Voice Chris Metzen 1] Cosmetics Cosmetic page Quotes Quotation page Role Defense Health 200 Armor overwatch : Bastion`s transformation skill. It changes to Configuration: Sentry within 1 second, while it changes back to Configuration: Recon within only 0.5 seconds.
    • This ability can be used mid-air, so Bastion can activate this ability mid-jump from a higher ground to lower ground, ready to fire at an opponent.
    • Bastion will reload each form`s weapon after roughly a second of being in the other form, generally negating the need to reload between forms.
  • Self-Repair: Bastion`s method of self-healing. It will repair itself for up to 4 seconds; this can be stopped by the player at any time. It can heal 25% of its health per second, making this a powerful self-healing. Bastion can freely move and heal at the same time, and can`t be interrupted by enemy attack.
    • Combining Self-Repair with the passive ability of Ironclad while in Configuration: Sentry makes it harder to take down because of the combined healing and damage reduction.
    • While being a powerful self-healing, it stills has a limit. Wasting it on non-lethal damage will leave it vulnerable to the next following damage.
    • Pairing with a healer will grant higher survivability. It can leave the main healing to the support, but in case of being heavily focused on, it can begin the Self-Repair to withstand damage while the support keeps healing it.
    • Don`t get too cocky engaging a group of enemies while having only minimum charge of its gauge. Bastion can`t activate the Self-Repair when the gauge is below than 20%, which leaves it even more vulnerable.
  • Configuration: Tank (Ultimate): Bastion`s Ultimate Ultimate abilities (Commonly referred to by players as Ults ) are powerful abilities only available to a hero once their Ultimate Meter has filled. Progress towards an Ultimate persists through death. The Ultimate Meter fills by overwatch form. After it has finished the transformation for 1.5 seconds, it changes itself to a tank model and replaces its previous weapon with an explosive cannon, which deals heavy damage and creates a strong knockback around the blast.
    • Bastion has no weak point and benefits from Ironclad in this form, making it strong against direct fire from enemies.
    • While losing some damage output in comparison to Sentry form, Bastion gains crowd-control ability in return from the explosive cannon.
    • It isn`t recommended to use this form when the enemy still has a barrier. Alone, Reinhardt`s Barrier Field is capable of withstanding most of its shells. It is encouraged to use the ultimate after its teammates destroy the barrier or separate him from covering his teammates.
    • The cannon shell can be used to propel Bastion upward when fired at the ground while jumping, creating a rocket jump method. With surprising vertical movement, it can propel itself high enough to shoot down any enemy who is behind a barrier or is on higher ground for a brief moment.

General strategies

  • Bastion is played best when you mix both configurations together. It should be noted that Recon Configuration`s submachine gun is a highly accurate weapon with reasonably high damage. Do not be afraid to change back into Recon in order to run to a better spot, but try to do so behind cover.
  • You should also know how to correctly utilize Bastion`s Self Repair. It is a powerful self heal, healing at the rate of 25% per second, lasting until cancelled or out of charged. While you can repair yourself in any situation, the healing has a charge limit. Staying in front of focused fire from enemies would be unwise as the healing rate is not fast enough to compensate for the high rate of receiving damage.
  • Bastion works incredibly well with heroes who provide it with survival capability, such as Reinhardt, Torbj⸣⸖rn and Symmetra.
  • A common tactic for Bastion on Payload modes is to pair with Reinhardt and Mercy; the barrier combined with Mercy`s damage amplifier will boost both Bastion`s damage output and defensive capability while setting up on a payload.
  • Carefully consider where to place yourself in turret mode. Change positions often (when you can safely move), especially whenever you feel that the enemy knows your location or is forming a strategy against you. Try to use the element of surprise to your advantage. Bastion does especially well in narrow corridors and unexpected positions.
  • Bastion excels at destroying slow-moving and/or high-health targets, such as Winston, Roadhog, Reinhardt, and a flying Pharah; be that as it may, in some situations you should prioritize killing high damage dealing enemies, such as Tracer or another Bastion.
  • When in turret mode, Bastion`s weak point is behind it, and can be seen from almost any angle except from directly in front of it. Be vigilant for flankers, but try not to expose your weak point while dealing with them.
  • Bastion can go down relatively quickly when faced with focused fire from the entire enemy team, especially if they have high damage output. Prioritize taking out high damage output enemies as quickly as possible, or retreat.


Originally created for peacekeeping purposes, Bastion robot units possessed the unique ability to rapidly reconfigure themselves into an assault-cannon mode. But during the Omnic Crisis For the graphic novel of the same name, see Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis Omnic Crisis Type Global human-omnic conflict Location Global Outcome Human victory The Omnic Crisis was a rebellion by the omnics against their overwatch , they were turned against their human makers, forming the bulk of the omnics Omnics Omnics are artificially intelligent robots produced by omniums. 1] Contents 1 Background 1.1 History 2 Known Omnics 2.1 Types 3 References Background edit | edit source] Omnics are produced by omniums, automated robotics factories overwatch ` rebel army. Following the resolution of the crisis, nearly all of the remaining Bastion units were destroyed or disassembled. To this day, Bastion units still symbolize the horrors of the conflict.

The Last Bastion

Bastion was programmed with the mission to attack Stuttgart Stuttgart as seen from Eichenwalde. Stuttgart is a city in Germany. History edit | edit source] The omnics advance on Stuttgart During the Omnic Crisis, Stuttgart was targeted by omnic forces, and an infantry of overwatch alongside many other Bastion units, but it was severely damaged during the fight. It lay dormant in the Black Forest near Eichenwalde Eichenwalde Type Hybrid Location Outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany Eichenwalde is a Hybrid map for Overwatch. Contents 1 Background 2 Gameplay 3 Known Locations 4 Strategy 4.1 Attack 4.1.1 Assault 4.2 Defense 4.2.1 Assault 5 Trivia overwatch , forgotten for over a decade.

Bastion re-activates

One day, Ganymede Ganymede Status Active Base Black Forest, Germany (formerly) Ganymede is a bird from the Black Forest in Germany, and the companion of Bastion. Story edit | edit source] Ganymede was building a nest on the overwatch started to build a nest on Bastion`s shoulder, and discovered its visual sensory screen. Ganymede roused the unit by pecking on the screen. Bastion awoke remembering its directive -- Stuttgart. It began to make its way to the city, while admiring the beauty of the forest around it and forming a bond with Ganymede. Be that as it may, a woodpecker`s drilling startled it, reminding it of gunfire, and it reconfigured itself into an assault-cannon and began to fire wildly, scaring off Ganymede and destroying the forest around it. Recomposing itself, it realized what it had done and sadly continued toward its destination.

In the meadow between the forest and Stuttgart, Bastion discovered tens of destroyed Bastion units. Bastion knelt beside one with its head torn open and memory components exposed, and accessed the fallen unit`s last memories. Suddenly, Bastion was reliving the war, and saw its fellow Bastion units fighting German soldiers before being wiped out by Balderich von Adler Balderich von Adler Balderich s remains Status Deceased Nationality German Occupation Military leader Base Eichenwalde Affiliation Crusaders General 1] Balderich von Adler was the leader of the Crusaders. Story edit | edit source] Balderich protecting German overwatch . With new clarity as to its purpose, Bastion reverted to its combat protocol and again marched toward Stuttgart, ready to attack the city. Ganymede found it and landed on it, offering a twig in friendship. Bastion struggled with itself, and finally became peaceful again, turning away from Stuttgart and back to the forest with Ganymede on its finger.


After the events of The Last Bastion, it`s been spotted in Sweden Sweden Location Northern Europe Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Known Locations edit | edit source] Gothenburg Known Nationals edit | edit source] Arrhenius Torbjörn Lindholm Trivia edit | edit source] Sweden s flag , by some teens, who were got scared when saw Bastion, as they thought that it will attack them.

The city`s population assembled to discuss what to do, a mysterious stranger arrived, and said that he could help with that issue, but they need to stay where it`s safe, but a police officer went with him after they did some research on the stranger.

He set up a trap for the omnic in a form of a rope bomb (which was like a ball) and his turret, but then Ganymede Ganymede Status Active Base Black Forest, Germany (formerly) Ganymede is a bird from the Black Forest in Germany, and the companion of Bastion. Story edit | edit source] Ganymede was building a nest on the overwatch showed up, and flew on the rope bomb, which startled the police officer, who started to shoot with with his machine pistol, scaring away the omnic and Ganymede, which was surprised him, as those units are couldn`t be scared away.

Later on, he found the omnic near a beaver gate, and he thrown the ball near the omnic, but the omnic gave him a bunch of twigs as a response along with some beeps, then he started to realize that something is different with that unit.

After that, the commando unit of the police started to attack the omnic, but it went away before they could do anything other than angering Torbj⸣⸖rn Torbjörn "Build em up, Break em down." Real Name Torbjörn Lindholm Age 57 Nationality Swedish Occupation Weapons designer Base Gothenburg, Sweden Affiliation Ironclad Guild (formerly)Overwatch (formerly) Relations WifeEight children Voice Keith Silverstein (English) José Luccioni overwatch , and they tried to restrain him, but he detonated the rope bomb, and its attackers were tied to the trees.

After restraining his opponents, he went to search the omnic, and found it observing a flower, then he said that he come in peace, and don`t want to hurt him, and the omnic offered him the flower as a sign of peace, and the duo went for their trip.


Name Icon Description Reward
Triple Threat
Kill 2 enemies in each of Bastion`s configurations without dying in Quick or Competitive play.
Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Bastion`s Configuration: Tank in Quick or Competitive play.