Tracer: Uprising



"I fought to survive, and I`m willing to fight for the world, too."

In "Uprising," readers travel seven years into Overwatch`s See the in-game organization. For the article about the game, see Overwatch. "Conflict. As the world teetered on the brink of anarchy, a new hope arose. An elite international taskforce charged with overwatch past, witnessing a flashpoint in the conflict between omnics Omnics Omnics are artificially intelligent robots produced by omniums. 1] Contents 1 Background 1.1 History 2 Known Omnics 2.1 Types 3 References Background edit | edit source] Omnics are produced by omniums, automated robotics factories overwatch and humans. On the eve of a historic peace accord, King`s Row King s Row Type Hybrid (Assault, then Escort) Location England Terrain Narrow, cobblestone streets King s Row is a Hybrid map, starting with Assault and leading into Escort. It is a map set at night in winding overwatch is seized by an extremist faction of robots known as Null Sector “ No humans „ ~ A Null Sector slogan Null Sector Headquarters London, United Kingdom Type Extremist/terrorist group Null Sector was an extremist/terrorist group that utilized violent methods to achieve omnic rights. They operated out overwatch . The British government forbids Overwatch from interceding, which means Strike Commander Jack Morrison must decide whether to disobey orders or stand by while thousands of lives are in peril.


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